Erotic products dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

It is a modern type of business where the seller (retailer) does not store the product, that is done by the distributor (Us). At the same time, the distributor is in charge of packaging and managing shipment of the packages from the central warehouse to the final customer, thus avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, because the seller does not have to receive the goods first and then forward it on to the final customer.

To whom is it aimed?

It is aimed at merchants, retailers, resellers, webmasters, etc. who need to issue and deliver shipments to other addresses than their own. Examples:

  • I have both a physical store and online store, but I cannot have so many products in stock. I can increase sales by linking my stock to LoveCherry®´s stock and thereby increasing my volume of products available to the costumer.
  • I have an electronic business selling adult toys and I want to increase sales with a professional distributor dedicated to the sector that gives me the newest brands with the latest products on the market available to my clientele. A distributor who is always up to date, providing me with good logistics, resulting in greater sales volume.
  • I distribute through Amazon, E-Bay or any other online sales communities and I want to start my own online sales business.
  • I am a tuppersex consultant and I have tuppersex meetings in different places, and it is not profitable returning to the hostess's house to deliver the orders.
What advantages does dropshipping offer?

The financial investment is extremely low. Don’t worry about shopping, warehousing, inventory, lost stock, transportation, logistics, etc.Dedicate almost 100% of your time to promoting your store and improving customer service. You are sure to sell more.

And why is our dropshipping even better:

Ability to sell worldwide.
Permanent stock Thousands and thousands of the newest products in stock from the best brands producing erotic toys, lubricants, preservatives, lingerie, aphrodisiacs, couples games and much more. We have around 15.000 products.
Configuration Files available to create your online store with images, descriptions, videos in hd, synchronization of stocks in real time.
No minimum orders No minimum orders. Just pay for what you've already sold.
Express Delivery My orders are processed on the same day and delivered within 24 hours (Spain). To Europe in 24 to 48 hours and about 72 hours to the rest of the world depending on the selected transport method.
Recommended sale price LoveCherry® puts a recommended MSRP on each article tab. You decide if you want to change it.
Offline I can sell my products both in electronic commerce and conventional trade.
Easy payment In addition to the usual forms of payment, I can also offer cash payments, COD (Spain), thus making things easier for the final customer who does not want to pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.
How does it work?

LoveCherry® offers more than 15.000 products, select the ones you want and publish them in your catalogue, website, etc.

how it works

1. A customer wants to buy several products that you have on your website for 120.00 €, then:

  • 1Charges are done in advance (Visa, PayPal, transfer, etc.)
  • 2Order on LoveCherry®’s professional web site, that sells it for 60.00 €, which is also charged by card.
  • 3Indicate your customer’s delivery details, and LoveCherry® is responsible for preparing the package and sending it at no additional costs.
  • 4You have made 60.00 € (120.00€ - 60.00€).
how it works

Another customer, this time from Valladolid, makes an order for the same amount, 120.00 €, however this package will be sent upon a refund and paid by your client on delivery.

  • 1Order as before from LoveCherry®
  • 2Indicate the delivery details to LoveCherry® and select the box "refunds" so that they also take care of the payment of the package.
  • 3Once delivered, discount the amount of the invoice and enter the difference in My Account balances.
  • 4You have made 60.00€ (120.00€ - 60.00€).
  • 5If you want to withdraw the amount earned, send an email with the option to Withdraw Outstanding Balance and indicate the amount and the bank account in which you want to receive the transfer for the requested amount. Or leave the balance in your account to use for future order. You decide.
What happens with the invoice?

Obviously, the invoice will never be delivered with the package. Your client will only receive the package with the merchandise. LoveCherry® actually sells to you. Therefore the invoice will be made to your name, which will be sent to you by email at the time that the merchandise is shipped.

However, if you want your client to receive, with the package, the corresponding invoice (issued by you) or any information from you, you will only have to send the file (jpg, pdf or tiff) in the option you have to upload files when ordering. LoveCherry® is responsible for printing and placing it inside the package. That easy!

You are our customer

LoveCherry® will under no circumstances maintain any kind of business relationship with your client. Remember that you are our client and it is you we are obligated to. We want your business to work 100%.

Discrete packing

The packaging is totally discreet, without logos. The customer will not know the origin of the shipment; not even reviewing the delivery note of the logistics agency, because an anonymous name is always put on the package. The customer will never know the sender.

How long does delivery takes?

All orders that you pass on to LoveCherry® before 18:00 are shipped the same day and delivered within 24 hours (Spain). This service is unbeatable and is one of the advantages of using LoveCherry®´s dropshipping system.

Which countries can i sell to with dropshipping?

We can ship by Dropshipping to any country in the world. For the moment we only accept cash payments in Spain.

More information

Whether it is dropshipping or not, it is evident that each order requires package shipment (either for you or for your client, wether pre-charged or refunded) and that this shipment is subject to a postage.

Each shipments cost will depend on the weight and volume of the package, we have very competitive rates from 2.25 Euros.

However, you have to think that you will also have to charge your client, since regardless of whether the package is sent by you or by LoveCherry®, your client has to pay the transport cost.

When you do the account for your earnings and your commercial margins, you must always consider the delivery costs as an immovable cost and exempt from your earnings.

99% of our products are available. However, in case of stock breach, we will inform you of the non-availability in real time. If you are asked for a product and it is out of stock, we will inform you of the actual delivery period so that you inform your customer and thus never lose the information chain for the final customer.

Statistic shows that 80% of people who buy products on the Internet prefer to pay for their purchases via COD, compared to the remaining 20% ​​who do it by other means (transfer, PayPal, credit card, etc.).

his gives an idea of ​​the volume of business that has to be taken advantage of and having the adequate infrastructure to do so. That's why you can rely on more than 17 years of experience that LoveCherry® gives you. That gives your clients all the advantages of having to avoid exposing their bank or credit card details, or even having to pay in advance.

It is also true that in this case the final customer may have less interest in collecting the package since it has not been paid for yet and he is not obligated to pick it up. However, statistically there is only 3.5% incidence of returns, which encourages you to be more daring and dynamic, and give your clients the option to make their orders with COD.

In the case of a refund, LoveCherry® will only charge you 8,95 € which corresponds to the one-way trip plus the return trip (even at a more expensive cost, which will be charged by LoveCherry®) and you will not be charged the additional costs of Dropshipping due to the fact that the sale has not been consummated.

Just enter the name, delivery address and telephone number of the customer and we will make the delivery.

In case you need to download the images of the products, as well as the descriptive texts, suggested sales prices, cost prices, real stock, etc., LoveCherry® makes it available for you to download direct files in various formats, so that you can constantly update all the information necessary to maintain your store or your catalogue.

The download formats we provide are: XML, TXT, EXCEL and CSV. Each time you request the file it will be downloaded immediately, and you can use filters by category or by brand if you require. The downloaded information is always 100% updated.

I want to start making money with the LoveCherry® Dropshipping system.

From today you can start working with LoveCherry®´s DropShipping system, a new way to sell without having to make big investments. You just have to be registered as a LoveCherry® customer and access My Account as a professional.

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