Payment methods

COD (Cash On Delivery) The total amount of the order is paid to the courier. This form of payment is available exclusively in the Spanish Peninsla and the Balearic Islands. It has a cost of 2% (min. 0,90€ ).
Bank transfer This form of payment delays the delivery until the bank has confirmed payment. You have 24 hours to confirm payment by attaching the receipt of the transfer on your control panel. Once complete you will receive an e-mail that will indicate the steps to finish the order.
Bank Cards (Debit/Credit) We accept most credit or debit cards through the payment gateway Redsys of Banco Santander.
Wallet and balance You can recharge your balance by bank transfer and use the amount to place new orders. A history of previous transfers will be available in your control panel and with the possibility of transferring amounts (min. 100 €) to your bank account or PayPal account. Easy to use and without any extra fees.
Aplázame You can now finance your purchases up to 12 months without paperwork, only providing some personal details. You can get immediate finance for any purchase from 0 to 2500€. Only for self-employed workers. +info
PayPal ™ It is the safest payment platform on the internet. It allows you to link payments to your credit or debit card or even to your bank account. It has a cost of 3% (+ 0,90€ per transaction). +info
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This option is called dropshipping refund and, for the moment, is only available to customers whose deliveries are made to mainland Spain or the Balearics. The cost is very low 2%, with a mínimum of 0,90€. This cost is included in each order and invoice.

When you make a dropshipping shipment you will have the possibility to send the merchandise to your final customer and that the carrier will collect the payment for the amount you indicate. This process is called reimbursed dropshipping. At the moment, LoveCherry® only offers this service in Spain.

Very secure. Our statistics indicate that 99% of the COD are effective, so it is well worth paying a small shipping cost in the event that delivery cannot be made.

1. Add items to the cart and the amount you have sold to your customer.

2. At the end of the process you will be asked for the shipping address. Enter your client's data here.

3. In the next step you will be asked: Do you want to make an anonymous dropshipping delivery? Select Yes. Then you will be asked: Do you want us to collect reimbursement? Select Yes again and indicate the amount that the courier will charge to the customer.

4. Finally, complete and submit the order.

After about 5-10 days from delivery, your reimbursement will be refunded in your wallet automatically so that you can use it in future purchases or transfer it to your account.

For example, you sell your order to a customer for a total amount of 30 € and make the purchase order for 20 € (which will be more or less your costs) to LoveCherry®. We will deliver the order to your client and we will charge you 30€ which, as soon as we receive it from the courier, we will reimburse in your wallet.

To pay the order with dropshipping delivery we only accept automatic payment methods such as wallet, PayPal and bank cards. In this way we guarantee maximum speed in shipping. For orders over 120 € we also accept payment by bank transfer.

The wallet is a balance that you can recharge by transfer or, also, by dropshipping refunds. Buying with the wallet has no additional expenses.

Option 1: When sending dropshipping delivery with COD as payment, that is, dropshipping refund. The amount is automatically refunded to your wallet.

Option 2: Through a transfer to our bank account. On the Wallet tab of your control panel we indicate how to do this.

The minimum transfer allowence from your wallet to your bank account or PayPal account is 100€. We do not allow lower amounts in order to minimize administrative and accounting management for both parties.

PayPal is the fastest and safest way to pay on the internet. You can make your purchases easily and with total confidence using debit or credit card or with your bank account through PayPal.

PayPal is secure: PayPal stores your financial information and protects it with the most advanced security and fraud prevention systems. PayPal never shares your financial information with LoveCherry® or any other vendor.

PayPal is fast and simple: once you have created your account, you will not have to enter the details of your card or your bank account to pay. You will only need your email address and password.

PayPal is flexible: debit card, credit card or bank account, you choose how to pay. +Info