What is tupper sex and how it works?

Tuppersex reunions are home gatherings where a group of women participate in talks about sex supplemented by samples of a wide range of erotic goods.

These are usually informative and promotional sessions, previously contracted with the organizer, and in which participants are not obliged to buy. Quality companies know how to create a festive and relaxed context within a climate of comfort and laughter, which can serve as group therapy and relief. In fact, sometimes tuppersex is taught by professionals with a background in sexology.

Advantages of tuppersex

The worldwide phenomenon of tuppersex was born in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century, and is currently widespread in Spain and the rest of Europe. The advantage of these types of meetings are that women avoid the embarrassment that can be caused by visiting a traditional sex shop. In addition, these parties can create an atmosphere of great eroticism and sensuality; with freedom to express sexual fantasies.

Very important

It is very advisable to purchase the items you want to sell to get to know them and learn how they work. At the meeting there can be many questions and it is important to know all the details of the product (operation, materials, sizes, types of batteries, etc.) so you have the maximum confidence and no doubts.

Frequent questions
How many people can attend the meetings? The best are groups of 6 to 16 people. Less people are not as profitable and it is easier for some attendees to lose their attention and lose the atmosphere of intimacy.
What erotic items should i take? If it is the first time and you have doubts, consult us. We will be happy to advise you. The ideal is to carry 25 or 35 different items. You have to carry a little of everything. Vibrators are the most important item since they create great interest on the part of the guests. You should also bring stimulators, flavoured lubricants, penis rings, massage oils and enhancers. At LoveCherry® we have a large selection of products of this type already prepared to make your choice easier.
Should i have stock of the products i am selling? You do not have to have anything in stock since we have availability of each and every one of the products that you present in the meetings, and can be sent once you know what you have sold, with a guaranteed delivery within the next 24 hours. However you should have a small selection that will be used for meetings. Attendees want to see and play before buying.
How long is a meeting? Two to two and a half hours is about right. The meeting are usually fun and interesting, where attendees ask many questions. It usually forms a very pleasant atmosphere and time flies by.
Where do I do it? The ideal location is in a hostess's home, because all the attendants will feel more comfortable but you can also have it in your own home, in a restaurant with private lounge, in your own shop after closing, in a gym, hairdresser, beauty salon, etc. Every place is good as long as there is privacy and a relaxed atmosphere, with no outside disturbances.
What benefits will i get? Everything depends on your ability to convince and explain the different types of products to the participants. It also depends on how many participants you can get together each meeting. The average consumption is between 25 to 60 euros per person, so it can be very profitable if you get many guests. You can also do Tupper Sex throughout the year. There are no seasons. The ideal is to hold 4 to 5 meetings per month. We have many clients who make a good monthly income.
Can i sell from the catalog? Of course. You can take a laptop and display images, features and specifications of our products. We have everything organized by categories with high definition images of all our products. However we advise you to take some physical samples for people to see and touch. It helps the sales and promotes good atmosphere and conversation.
What do i do when a client asks for a product? Once you have received your clients orders, you must access the area of professionals on our website, there you can place your orders that will be delivered to you or your clients directly in only 24 hours. The packaging will be discreet and will not have tags or labels that identify the contents.
To access the customer website where you can see all prices and how to place orders, you have to create a username and password that will give you access to the general catalogue. For this we need you to fill out the following form that you will find in this link: SIGN UP